Airline Accidents

Have you been injured or lost a loved one in an airline accident? Our Tampa-based personal injury law firm can help. Tampa Injury Attorney Scott Distasio is experienced in representing clients in injury and wrongful death claims involving airline crashes and accidents throughout Tampa and the surrounding areas in Florida. Our competent legal team can review your case and help you understand your legal options during a free case evaluation.

Airline accidents or aviation accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. Some reasons airline accidents occur are: pilot errors, pilot weather errors, faulty in-flight procedures, and defective airplane equipment and/or mechanics. When operating a plane, pilots and airline companies must adhere to strict terms that are set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). When pilots or airlines fail to adhere to these terms, they are behaving negligently, and may be susceptible to legal action if the plane crashes and passengers are injured.

Thankfully, airline accidents do not occur frequently, and are even quite rare. However, when these accidents do occur, the end result is usually deadly as passengers have little chance of surviving crashes descending from such great heights or forceful impact from the crashes. Those who do manage to survive these devastating crashes usually incur catastrophic injuries, such as: brain injuries, head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, and/or burn injuries.

Airline Accident Statistics

  • People have a 1 in 10.46 million chance of being killed during an airplane accident.
  • Pilot errors and pilot weather errors are the leading causes of most airplane crashes in the United States.

Losing a loved one in an airline accident can leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless. Particularly knowing that the accident could have been avoided had the pilot or airline company exercised reasonable caution, family members of a victim who lost his or her life in an airline accident often seek justice. Tampa airline accident lawyer Scott Distasio is here to help you.

Looking for an attorney for a personal injury in Tampa? By evaluating your claim and the circumstances of the airline accident, attorney Distasio can determine whether you may have a claim against the airline company. By aggressively asserting your rights and working to prove negligence on the part of the airline company, attorney Scott Distasio can help you seek and recover financial compensation for your losses – effectively holding the responsible party liable for their actions. Contact a Tampa airline accident attorney today!