Medication Errors

Patients place immense trust into their medical care providers, pharmacists, and the pharmaceutical industry. Most of the time that trust is well placed. However, sometimes the medication that is supposed to heal causes harm. Every year, countless people suffer from painful side effects that result from medication errors. And, in some cases, patients have even lost their lives due to these errors.

Medication errors can occur in a variety of ways. A doctor’s illegible handwriting may lead a nurse or a pharmacist to provide the wrong medication or the wrong dose. A doctor may prescribe a medication without taking into account the patient’s entire medical history. An overworked pharmacy assistant may commit pharmacy malpractice by mistakenly giving a person another medication instead of the medication that is listed in his/her prescription. A pharmaceutical company may package different doses of the same medication in similar packaging causing a healthcare provider to give the wrong dose. All of these examples demonstrate how easily a medication error can be made if doctors, hospitals, nurses, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies act negligently or do not exercise proper caution.

Have you suffered from a medication error?

If your answer to this question is yes, and you believe the error resulted from negligent behaviors taken by your medical provider, you should seek counsel from a qualified Tampa personal injury attorney immediately. If you suffered from a medication error, it is likely that you have had to deal with a vast array of complicated side effects and symptoms that have demanded ongoing medical treatment; over time, this can become quite burdensome. You should not have to worry about your financial wellbeing while you are trying to recover from a medication error, and at the Distasio Law Firm it is our mission make sure that you do not

In the state of Florida, people who have been severely injured due to the negligence and medical errors are protected under the law, they can pursue a personal injury case in an effort to fight to receive damages from the person responsible for their suffering. There are numerous areas in which a victim of medical areas can receive compensation, including:

  • Pain
  • Lost income
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Physical suffering
  • Bodily injuries
  • Psychological and emotional damages

If you have been injured due to a negligent party, you deserve fair compensation for your suffering. Contact a Tampa medical error lawyer who can help build your case and fight to recover the maximum compensation possible for the pain you have undergone.

Searching for a lawyer for an injury case in Tampa?

Make sure the personal injury attorney you hire has the experience to handle your case and the commitment to go to trial when it makes sense to try your case. Scott Distasio is a Tampa personal injury lawyer with over 18 years of experience handling personal injury cases. He has been representing injury and accident victims in the state of Florida since the beginning of his legal carrier. His mission is to provide his clients with exceptional legal services while obtaining the results that he believes his clients deserve. Throughout his legal career, he has tried personal injury cases in both the federal and state court systems. For a more detailed description of his legal experience, click on the attorney profile above. Get the personal injury representation that you deserve. Contact a Tampa medication error lawyer from our firm today.