How to Select an Injury Attorney

The legal field of personal injury law in America has been established upon years of developments in theories and principles dating back to early English Common Law. It incorporates the principles of rights and social responsibility with doctrines of accountability and justice. Through the industrialization of America, these concepts were then expanded in order to include matters of corporate tort and professional negligence as well, seeking to maintain responsibility and accountability as priorities in any type of human interaction.

Today, the laws surrounding personal injury law and tort law allow those who have been hurt or suffered loss due to another person’s wrong doing to seek legal redress for their injuries. Because these efforts to keep others accountable on the civil level involve complex legal strategies and extensive knowledge of pertinent laws, many legal professionals have dedicated their practice to representing and counseling clients in their efforts to make a personal injury claim. These men and women have come to be known as personal injury lawyers and without them, the fundamental rights of injured victims to claim compensation and redress would have little to no legal advocacy.

Knowledge is Power

The professional field of personal injury lawyers has grown immensely over the last one hundred years. While this is helpful in many ways, a large pool of attorneys to choose from has confused many about the standards of skill and experience they should seek to fulfill when looking for someone to represent and prosecute their claim. After over twenty years in the legal field, Tampa personal injury attorney Scott Distasio shares some of the insight he has gathered from his experiences of working as a legal professional here in this section of the site, where he offers advice on how to choose legal counsel. The priority of any attorney should be the welfare and best interest of their client. So rather than spending time attempting to make claims of his own merit, he shares his objective wisdom about what defines a capable, successful and valuable personal injury attorney.

  • Part 1: Before Lawyer Advertising The power, influence and prevalence of advertising mechanisms have not always been as strong as they are today. Before marketing and advertising became as important as it is today, people sought reference and recommendations from trusted friends and family when seeking legal counsel. Having someone they knew and trusted tell them that a certain personal injury lawyer was credible reflected the fact that the lawyer must have demonstrated some quality to deserve such praise. Attorney Distasio expounds on the powerful influence of “word of mouth.”
  • Part 2: Changing the Way People Choose Attorneys In 1977, the United States Supreme Court changed the way that personal injury attorneys were hired forever. Prior to this landmark ruling, advertising a personal injury lawyer was actually banned on the federal level. However, the Court decided that such a ban was unconstitutional. Invalidating the ban on legal advertising, this case changed the way that lawyers would advertise themselves and it changed how people would go about choosing their legal professionals.
  • Part 3: The Power and Danger of Advertising Have you ever stopped to think about the power of advertising and why it works so well? The same was true for legal advertising once the Court allowed personal injury attorneys to advertise themselves. The danger, however, arises when people in need of legal counsel rely solely on advertising as their means of choosing an attorney. While advertising is valuable, it does leave room for false claims and empty promises. Attorney Distasio advises against choosing an attorney based on advertising alone.
  • Part 4: How to Choose an Injury Lawyer Knowing the dangers of choosing an attorney based solely on how he or she advertises herself, how then are people to select legal counsel? Attorney Distasio concludes his discussion by explaining signs of true legal merit and talent, encouraging individuals to assess a lawyer’s real abilities before trusting him or her with their case.

At Distasio Law Firm, we want you to find the right Tampa personal injury attorney to assist you in your unique situation. While it is our hope that, after reviewing our past case results, hearing what our clients have to say in their testimonials about us and reading our attorney profiles, you would find that our firm can be a valuable advocate for your cause, our primary desire is to see you succeed in your endeavor.

Are You In Need of Quality Legal Assistance?

If you are reading this page, it is likely that you have been somehow wronged by another person and you are looking for answers as to how and when you can take action. It is our firm belief as a personal injury law firm that innocent victims of negligence, recklessness and malice, at the very least, deserve to be compensated for the damage and pain they have endured.

While you may be experiencing discouragement, anger and frustration, we want you to know that we are here for you. If you choose attorney Scott Distasio to prosecute your personal injury claim, you will find that there is little to nothing our legal team will not do in its effort to facilitate a positive outcome for you. To learn more about our firm or to receive a free case evaluation concerning your situation, contact our Tampa personal injury lawyer today.