Prescription Medication

  • If You’ve Taken the Wrong Medication

    If You’ve Taken the Wrong Medication Scott Distasio explains what you should do in the event you are taking the wrong medication. Some Information About Taking the Wrong Medication In Florida Sometimes, the side effects from stopping the wrong medication or the wrong dose of medication too quickly can actually be worse than continuing the […]

  • Medication Error Facts

    Medication Error Facts Mr. Distasio speaks about the overwhelming statistics on medication errors in hospitals and pharmacies. Information on Medication Errors Medication error injuries occur when Doctors, pharmacies, and hospital employees make mistakes with prescribed medications. Some doctors simply have poor handwriting.  What looks like one type of medication or dose of medication is actually […]

  • Medication Errors

    Medication Errors Attorney Scott Distasio explains how medication errors can occur and what you can do if you or a loved one has been affected by such an error. Some Information About Hospital Medication Errors Some government statistics suggest that as many as 1 in 5 doses of medicine given in US Hospitals involve medication […]

  • Harmful Pharmaceutical Drugs

    Harmful Pharmaceutical Drugs Mr. Distasio talks about what you can do if you have been adversely affected by a harmful pharmaceutical drug. Information on Harmful Pharmaceutical Drugs The pharmaceutical industry has provided drugs that have saved many lives. But sometimes in interests of profits, they rush drugs to market. And sometimes they don’t recognize side […]

  • Pharmacy Malpractice

    Pharmacy Malpractice Scott Distasio discusses medication errors committed by pharmacies. Some Information About Pharmacy Malpractice in Florida According to the Food and Drug Administration as many as 1.3 million people per year are injured by medication errors. One of the most common types of medication errors involves a pharmacy prescription error. To make sure you […]