Personal Injury Information

  • What is Your Case Worth?

    What is Your Case Worth? Personal Injury Attorney Scott Distasio explains how damages are determined in your case. Some Information on What your Case is Worth You may be wondering what my case is worth.  The truth is every case is unique.  The value of a case depends on many different things. First is the […]

  • How Long Will It Take?

    How Long Will It Take? Scott Distasio discusses the length of time it will take to resolve your case. Some Information About Case Settlement Timelines Everyone wants to know how long it will take to resolve their case. Unfortunately, there is really no way to answer that question because each case is different. The length […]

  • Insurance Company Obligations

    Insurance Company Obligations Scott Distasio talks about insurance company obligations and how it’s not always in your best interest. Information on if Insurance Companies have to fully Compensate you for your Injury The answer is no.  Legally the insurance company has the obligation to act in good faith to fully and fairly evaluate your case.  […]

  • Receiving the Most Compensation

    Receiving the Most Compensation Mr. Distasio explains how to get full value for your case. Some Information About Steps to Prove Your Personal Injury Case Insurance companies do not want to pay full value for injury claims. In fact, they make their money by paying as little as possible. The money they save by not […]

  • Recorded Statements

    Recorded Statements Scott Distasio discusses the recorded statement that the insurance company will want you to make. Some Information About Recorded Statements for Insurance Companies After an accident, insurance companies often ask for a recorded statement. A recorded statement is when the insurance adjuster asks you questions about how the accident happened and the extent […]

  • Contingency Fee

    Contingency Fee Attorney Scott Distasio explains contingency fees and how that can help people who normally can’t afford a lawyer. Information on How much a Personal Injury Attorney Cost We know that most of our clients could not afford the cost of our services if we charged by the hour for our time.  Of course […]