Catastrophic Injuries

  • Catastrophic Injuries
    Catastrophic Injuries Mr. Distasio speaks about permanent injuries that require care for a lifetime. Information on Catastrophic Injuries Catastrophic injuries occur when permanent injuries are so severe the person often needs compensation to take care of them for the rest of their lives.  Spinal cord injuries such as paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia, amputations, burns, loss […]

Choosing an Attorney

  • What Makes Scott Distasio Want to be a Lawyer
    What Makes Scott Distasio Want to be a Lawyer Attorney Scott Distasio talks about the importance of trial preparation & what makes him want to be a lawyer. I really like advocating for my clients. When you go to court, you have to have all your ducks in a row and it’s a long and […]

  • Helping Injured People
    Helping Injured People Watch as Attorney Scott Distasio speaks about his passion for helping the injured. I have a real passion for helping people. And, you know, at the end of the day, when there’s this much medical records or documents that you have to go through in order to be prepared for the next […]

  • Types of Injury Cases
    Types of Injury Cases Attorney Scott Distasio discusses the different types of personal injury cases he handles. Information on the Types of Cases Distasio Law Firm Handles At Distasio law Firm we handle most types of personal injury lawsuits.  That is injuries as a result of the negligent or wrongful conduct of others.  Some of […]

  • Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney
    Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Attorney Scott Distasio explains why you should hire a qualified personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured in an accident as a result of someone else’s negligence. Some Information on Why you should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer You should hire a personal injury lawyer when you are injured […]

  • Choosing Your Personal Injury Lawyer
    Choosing Your Personal Injury Lawyer Scott Distasio discusses the two most important things when choosing an attorney to represent you for a personal injury claim. Information on why you should Choose Distasio Law Firm Simply put: Experience and service. I have a broad background in handling most every type of personal injury case from inception […]

Nursing Home Abuse

  • Signs of Nursing Home Abuse
    Signs of Nursing Home Abuse Personal Injury Attorney Scott Distasio goes over the signs of nursing home neglect or abuse. Information on the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse The signs of nursing home neglect and abuse are often the things you would observe in your loved one. Does your loved one have unexplained bruises, unexplained […]

  • Elder Abuse
    Elder Abuse Mr. Distasio speaks about understaffing in nursing homes and how that can lead to serious injuries to your loved ones. Information on Nursing Home and ALF Abuse & Neglect Most nursing homes and adult living facilities provide good care.  But some are motivated more by profits than by providing good quality care.  The profit motive […]

Personal Injury Information

  • What is Your Case Worth?
    What is Your Case Worth? Personal Injury Attorney Scott Distasio explains how damages are determined in your case. Some Information on What your Case is Worth You may be wondering what my case is worth.  The truth is every case is unique.  The value of a case depends on many different things. First is the […]

  • How Long Will It Take?
    How Long Will It Take? Scott Distasio discusses the length of time it will take to resolve your case. Some Information About Case Settlement Timelines Everyone wants to know how long it will take to resolve their case. Unfortunately, there is really no way to answer that question because each case is different. The length […]

  • Insurance Company Obligations
    Insurance Company Obligations Scott Distasio talks about insurance company obligations and how it’s not always in your best interest. Information on if Insurance Companies have to fully Compensate you for your Injury The answer is no.  Legally the insurance company has the obligation to act in good faith to fully and fairly evaluate your case.  […]

  • Receiving the Most Compensation
    Receiving the Most Compensation Mr. Distasio explains how to get full value for your case. Some Information About Steps to Prove Your Personal Injury Case Insurance companies do not want to pay full value for injury claims. In fact, they make their money by paying as little as possible. The money they save by not […]

  • Recorded Statements
    Recorded Statements Scott Distasio discusses the recorded statement that the insurance company will want you to make. Some Information About Recorded Statements for Insurance Companies After an accident, insurance companies often ask for a recorded statement. A recorded statement is when the insurance adjuster asks you questions about how the accident happened and the extent […]

Prescription Medication

  • If You’ve Taken the Wrong Medication
    If You’ve Taken the Wrong Medication Scott Distasio explains what you should do in the event you are taking the wrong medication. Some Information About Taking the Wrong Medication In Florida Sometimes, the side effects from stopping the wrong medication or the wrong dose of medication too quickly can actually be worse than continuing the […]

  • Medication Error Facts
    Medication Error Facts Mr. Distasio speaks about the overwhelming statistics on medication errors in hospitals and pharmacies. Information on Medication Errors Medication error injuries occur when Doctors, pharmacies, and hospital employees make mistakes with prescribed medications. Some doctors simply have poor handwriting.  What looks like one type of medication or dose of medication is actually […]

  • Medication Errors
    Medication Errors Attorney Scott Distasio explains how medication errors can occur and what you can do if you or a loved one has been affected by such an error. Some Information About Hospital Medication Errors Some government statistics suggest that as many as 1 in 5 doses of medicine given in US Hospitals involve medication […]

  • Harmful Pharmaceutical Drugs
    Harmful Pharmaceutical Drugs Mr. Distasio talks about what you can do if you have been adversely affected by a harmful pharmaceutical drug. Information on Harmful Pharmaceutical Drugs The pharmaceutical industry has provided drugs that have saved many lives. But sometimes in interests of profits, they rush drugs to market. And sometimes they don’t recognize side […]

  • Pharmacy Malpractice
    Pharmacy Malpractice Scott Distasio discusses medication errors committed by pharmacies. Some Information About Pharmacy Malpractice in Florida According to the Food and Drug Administration as many as 1.3 million people per year are injured by medication errors. One of the most common types of medication errors involves a pharmacy prescription error. To make sure you […]

Product Liability

  • Product Liability
    Product Liability Mr. Distasio discusses injuries caused by defective products and other’s misuse of those products. Information on Product Liability Laws Product liability law is an area of law that provides for compensation when someone is injured by a defective product.  Generally, a personal injury lawyer has to prove the product was unreasonably dangerous, was […]

Slip and Fall / Trip and Fall

  • Slip & Fall / Trip & Fall
    Slip & Fall / Trip & Fall Scott Distasio talks about injuries that occur on other people’s property due to the owner’s negligence. Information on Premises Liability Premises liability is an area of personal injury law involving injury that occurs on someone else’s property, their premises, as a result of someone else’s negligence. Slip and […]

  • Accidents on Someone Else’s Property
    Accidents on Someone Else’s Property Mr. Distasio talks about what you should do if you are injured in a store or on someone else’s property. Some Information About Injuries on Someone Else’s Property If you are injured on someone else’s property, you should do everything you can to remember the scene. What was the dangerous […]

Tampa Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Auto Accidents
    Car Accidents Personal Injury Attorney Scott Distasio discusses what you should do immediately after being involved in a auto accident. What You Should Do After You Being Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident After motor vehicle accident, the first thing that you should do is tend to your injuries and the injuries of others. If […]

  • Motorcycle Accidents
    Were You in a Motorcycle Accident? Scott Distasio speaks about the statistics related to motorcycle accidents. Some Information About Motorcycle Accidents in Florida The number of motorcycle riders that have died in motorcycle accidents more than doubled from 1997 to 2006. In fact the National Highway Safety Administration claims that motorcycle riders are 35 times […]

  • Accidents Involving Trucks
    Accidents Involving Trucks Mr. Distasio discusses Federal trucking regulations and how they can help with your auto accident injury case. Some Information about Truck Accidents in Florida Most people do not realize that the trucking industry is highly regulated by the state and federal government. Regulations govern the size of the vehicles, the weight of […]

  • No Fault Insurance
    No Fault Auto Insurance Scott Distasio explains Florida’s No Fault Auto insurance. Some Information About “No Fault Insurance” Florida is what is called an automobile no fault state. What that means is that when you are in a car accident, your own car insurance pays the first $10,000.00 of medical expenses and lost wages, and […]

  • Uninsured Motorists
    Uninsured Motorists Mr. Distasio speaks about uninsured motorist coverage. Some Information About Uninsured Motorist Benefits A 2007 study from the Insurance Research Council estimated that 23% of Florida auto drivers do not have any auto insurance. The percentage of drivers with minimal insurance policies is probably even more. If you are hit by one of […]

Workplace Injuries

  • Workplace Injuries
    Workplace Injuries Scott Distasio speaks about Florida’s worker’s compensation laws and what types of injuries you can and cannot be compensated for. On the Job Injuries Information Workers compensation laws in the state of Florida prevent most personal injury lawsuits against employers.  But that does not mean you are not entitled to personal injury compensation.  […]

Wrongful Death Attorney Tampa

  • Wrongful Death
    Wrongful Death Scott Distasio discusses the damages available to the survivors or loved ones in a wrongful death case. Information on Wrongful Death Wrongful death is an area of law that provides compensation when someone dies as the result of the wrongful conduct of another.  In the state of Florida damages are usually not awarded […]