Driving Deaths and Personal Injuries

With the recent tragic death of The Fast and The Furious star, Paul Walker, at the hands of a friend driving under the influence the memory of another famous Florida case involving a driving accident comes to mind. Nicholas Bollea, also known as Nick Hogan, son of semi-retired professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, was involved in a car… Read More

Synthetic Marijuana Epidemic

Spice, K2, Diesel, Red Dragon…Catchy Brand names for synthetic Marijuana. Still available in some local convenience stores (often as incense) and readily available mail-order from a hundred different websites, Synthetic Marijuana abuse has reached epidemic levels. Most frustrating to local and Federal law enforcement is the difficulty of developing laws that encompass the ever-changing compositions… Read More

Types of Medical Malpractice

An injury from medical malpractice can be devastating and life-threatening. Society relies on doctors and physicians to help heal when they are injured or ill and when the doctors perform negligently there can be severe consequences. If you or a loved one has suffered from medical malpractice seek representation from an experienced Tampa personal injury… Read More

PIP Fraud Improving

Two years ago, Hillsborough County was the epicenter of insurance fraud not only in Florida, but throughout the United States. More incidents of personal injury protection (PIP) fraud occurred in Hillsborough County than anywhere else in the state. Even more disturbing, was the fact that Hillsborough was number two in the Country only behind New… Read More

Boston Marathon Bombing; Thankfully Big Brother was Watching

The right to privacy is one of the things that makes being a citizen of the United States such a great honor. We must remain free of unreasonable intrusions into our private lives. However, the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings showed us something vital. It reminded us that there is a careful balance between… Read More

Does the Nursing Home Watch List Mean Anything?

St. Thomas Moore nursing home in Hyattsville, MD is a prime example of why the National Medicare List of “Special Focus Facilities” of nursing homes with a persistent history of poor quality care. How bad was St. Thomas Moore? Well, they were one of only two Homes out of 200 Statewide to appear on the… Read More

Staged Auto Accidents Must Be Stopped

The epidemic of staged car accidents and insurance fraud in Florida is hurting everyone except the criminals profiting from the practice. Auto insurance rates are sky high. Legitimate Chiropractors, MRI facilities and pain clinics are being forced out of business through unfair competition, truly injured victims of car accidents are looked upon skeptically and left… Read More

PIP Fraud in Florida, It’s a Business

Four people were arrested Friday at their “physical therapy” office for staging fake automobile accidents and filing false insurance claims. Three additional people were also being sought in conjunction with the all too familiar scam running rampant in Florida. In this case, 7 employees of the Heisaha Medical Clinic on Habana Avenue are accused of… Read More

Fights and Facebook, Dangerous Combination

This week two High school girls in Pasco County Florida were arrested for a fight on a school bus on February 1st, 2013. High school fights are as old as high school, but social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, InstaGram, and Utube have elevated the stakes. Today, settling disputes even with fists isn’t good enough…. Read More

Teenagers and Auto Accidents – A Deadly Pattern

In 2011 a terrible, fiery accident claimed the lives of two teenage boys in rural Florida when 5 friends were engaging in a “game” of Car Surfing. An incomprehensibly dangerous example of foolish teenage behavior. Car Surfing involves participants (usually teenage boys) “surfing on the hood, roof or bumper of a speeding car.” Amazingly, the… Read More

Woman Sues Match.com for Almost $10 Million for Bad Match

Frivolous lawsuits hurt everyone. They tie up the courts, they demean the profession and importance of a qualified attorney’s value as advocate, and they discourage legitimate claims. Mary Kay Blackman suffered a horrible attack in September 2010 in Las Vegas when a crazed maniac stabbed her 10 times and nearly killed her. She required surgery… Read More

Serious Motorcycle Accidents on the rise in Florida

The weekend of October 10, 2012 was especially deadly for motorcyclists in Tampa. In 3 separate and unrelated accidents, 3 motorcyclists were killed. Two of the single vehicle accidents apparently resulted from excessive speed. Motorcycles are fast, and can be driven responsibly safely. That same weekend motorcycle driver Robert Adam Szymanowski, III, 22, of Land… Read More

The Dangers of Pressure Ulcers (Part 2)

The Dangers of Pressure Ulcers (Part 2) Pressure ulcers or bed sores are easily preventable with proper care and nutrition. Additionally they are relatively easy to treat in their early stages. Neglect and abuse occur when the pressure ulcers occur due to inattention, negligence, and profits over proper care. When the ulcers and sores go… Read More

Pedestrian Fatalities at Epidemic Levels

Claudia McFarlane was killed last October crossing Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa at 6:30 a.m. She made the fatal mistake of crossing 6 lanes of traffic midblock while wearing dark clothing on a dark morning. Sounds like there should be a simple solution, but for some reason Florida is a very dangerous place to go for… Read More

Boating Accidents Common and Dangerous

Florida’s congested waterways are resulting in an increase in the number of serious accidents caused by impaired, distracted or untrained operators. Tampa’s famous Gasparilla Parade is here again in the next few weeks resulting in tens of thousands of partiers on the water the same night, but last year resulted in only 4 BUI (Boating… Read More

Snow Ski Season Begins with Fatal Ski Accident

A month ago, a skiing accident claimed the life of Annalise Kjolhede. She worked at a California ski resort, Alpine Meadows, in the Kid’s Club. She was skiing with friends at the resort when she fell and hit a rock. According to NBC News, despite the fact that she was wearing a helmet, Kjolhede suffered… Read More

Dangerous Teen Stunts Can Lead to Permanent Injury

Since the judgment center of the brain does not fully develop until the late 20s, teenagers are often known for their daredevil behavior. They participate in risky stunts, often as a dare or at the behest of their peers. With modern technology available, many videotape their endeavors and post them to YouTube, encouraging others to… Read More

FL Court Urges Legislature to Reexamine Prevailing-Party Costs Law for Workplace Injury Claims

There is no argument over the fact that Gina Frederick was injured on the job. After her treating physician told her she could not return to work, Frederick hired a personal injury attorney to assist her with her worker’s compensation claim. A permanent total disability claim was filed and Frederick underwent other medical examinations. Due… Read More

Should I Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are injured in a car accident, there is no guarantee that your expenses will be covered. The same is true if you are the victim of medical malpractice, if you get hurt at work, or in many other instances where someone else is responsible for your injuries. Insurance companies work hard to minimize the settlement amounts… Read More