Don’t Have a Heart Attack in a Nursing Home

March 5th, 2013

Yesterday, 87 year-old Lorraine Bayless died of a heart attack in Bakersfield California. She lived a long life, and you might think at 87 it was her time to go. Nursing home abuse and neglect can be driven by corporate greed and bureaucracy, and just plain stupidity. Ms. Bayless died after suffering a heart attack while at Glennwood Gardens retirement facility, under the watchful eyes on a registered nurse. The nurse called 911, and was instructed by the dispatcher to perform CPR on the dying woman.

Amazingly, the nurse refused citing Corporate Policy to not perform CPR. And even refused to allow anyone else in the dining hall to speak to the 911 operator. So a registered nurse, in a skilled nursing facility with sick, old people with weak hearts is not allowed to perform CPR when a patient’s heart fails. We teach our children in elementary school how to perform CPR in case a stranger on the street needs help. Yet, the operators of Gleenwood gardens and apparently hundreds of other nursing homes around the country deem it acceptable business practice to refuse to take care of their own patients.

Nursing home abuse and neglect takes many forms. It is imperative to know the policies of any facility you entrust with your loved ones. And in the event you suspect abuse or neglect of any kind, be sure to contact a Tampa personal injury attorney from Distasio Law Firm.