Retail Store Negligence

In Florida, landowners, such as retail store owners, are responsible for the safety and well-being of the people who are on their property. This means that retail store owners are responsible for people both inside the store and for people outside the store in their parking lots. Retail store owners are responsible for ensuring that the inside of their stores are free from hazardous conditions and that the areas outside their stores are properly maintained. Retail store owners must also ensure that their property is properly secured and free of threatening people and conditions.

Dangers of Retail Store Negligence

When retail store owners fail to remove or forewarn people of dangerous conditions or situations, and someone is injured while on their property, the owners can be held liable. This is because, in terms of Florida law, the retail store owner behaved negligently by not preventing the dangerous condition from existing. According to premises liability law, negligence is the failure to act with the caution or care another person would exercise in the same situation.

For example, if a person is in a grocery store and they slip and fall on a wet floor with no warning signs present, he/she may hold the store owner accountable. Another example would be a person walking across a store parking lot, slipping on an icy spot, and then falling. In both of these instances, the retail store owner could be held liable for the peoples’ injuries.

In the state of Florida, all landowners (including retail store owners) are responsible for ensuring that their property is free from hazardous conditions, and for making sure that the general public is aware of any dangerous conditions that may exist. If a landowner fails to maintain his/her property and prevent hazardous conditions, and another person is injured while on his/her property, he/she may have to pay damages to the injured party. Damages may cover things like the person’s: medical expenses, physical injuries, lost wages, potential lost income, lost quality of life, and pain and suffering.

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