Types of Neglect

Nursing home neglect occurs when people such as nursing home staff, nursing home administrators, in-home caregivers, hospitals, and other medical providers do not provide adequate physical and mental care for their elderly or dependent adult patients. When people commit nursing home neglect, they fail to protect the well-being of the patients in their care.

Unfortunately, numerous elderly people and dependant adults are victims of nursing home neglect, which tends to be either medical or physical. When a person is neglected, he/she may not even realize it at first, but the warning signs may become apparent to his/her friends and family, who may choose to intervene. Before intervening, it is a wise idea for friends and family of the elderly or dependent patient to identify which type of neglect their loved one is suffering from.

Types of Neglect

Medical neglect is a form of elder neglect which occurs when medical treatment or care is not provided adequately. Intentionally depriving a patient of medical care is another form of medical neglect. Medical neglect may stem from understaffing, inexperienced personnel or budget cuts. Whatever the cause, medical neglect is serious and should be stopped.

Physical neglect occurs when a nursing home fails to provide healthcare or denies healthcare to a patient or resident. Physical neglect may result in emotional and physical harm to the elder patient and may cause malnutrition or illness.

Examples of Nursing Home Neglect

Some examples of medical neglect may include:

  • Failing to provide proper medical attention
  • Failing to provide prescription medication
  • Overmedicating a person
  • Undermedicating a person
  • Failure to diagnose symptoms
  • Failure to treat evident symptoms

Some examples of physical neglect may include the following:

  • Failure to help with hygiene
  • Failure to remove hazardous conditions on the premises
  • Failure to change bedding
  • Failure to change clothes
  • Failure to feed the person
  • Failure to hydrate the person

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