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Stopping Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Once it is evident that nursing home abuse or neglect is occurring, it is important that victims and their families speak out against the maltreatment. The first thing people should do once they have been subjected to nursing home abuse or neglect is to report the poor treatment to the nursing home supervisors and administrators.

According to Florida law and the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, after abuse or neglect has been reported, it must be dealt with and terminated. The nursing home has to investigate any reports of neglect or abuse and deal with it accordingly. If the nursing home administrators fail to address the report of abuse or neglect, then victims and/or their families should take immediate legal action, and speak with a skilled nursing home abuse and neglect attorney.

After a victim or family obtains a nursing home abuse attorney, the attorney can review the person’s case, look over evidence, investigate nursing home staff and procedures, and ultimately help the victim or his/her family member build a strong, sustainable case.

Need an attorney for a nursing home abuse case in Tampa?

By working closely with a Tampa personal injury lawyer, you can end the cycle of abuse and possibly recover damages for the physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering your loved one has endured.

It will be extremely beneficial to the outcome of your legal matter if you work with a lawyer who is experienced and can provide representation that is both knowledgeable and aggressive. You will have to prove that elder abuse or elder neglect is occurring, and this can be difficult – particularly if the nursing home attempts to cover up signs of abuse. Acting quickly, documenting injuries, and consulting a lawyer is what you can do to begin to stop nursing home abuse from occurring. A Tampa elder abuse lawyer can take it the rest of the way.

If someone you love has been the victim of elder abuse or nursing home neglect, contact a nursing home abuse attorney at the Distasio Law Firm today for an initial consultation.