Loss of Hearing

When you or someone you love has suffered loss of hearing, you have lost a part of an essential life function. If your hearing loss was a result of negligence or irresponsibility on the part of another person, you may have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. At the Distasio Law Firm, our professional legal team has years of experience helping people in Tampa and surrounding areas in Florida recover compensation for their catastrophic injury cases. We are a reputable law firm that strives to protect the legal rights of those who have suffered loss of hearing, and we will aggressively fight for the future of every client.

Loss of hearing, or deafness, is a medical condition that occurs when a person experiences partial or full loss of his/her ability to hear. Deafness may be congenital, may develop due to genetic predispositions, or may develop suddenly. If the loss of hearing is congenital, it means that the person is born without the ability to hear. Genetic loss of hearing is more common, and results from old age or certain inherent medical conditions. Sudden loss of hearing usually results from exposure to extremely loud sounds or from puncturing the ear drum. When people notice that they are suffering from hearing problems, it is always advisable that they seek immediate treatment from a physician or an audiologist who can correctly identify and diagnose the source and cause of the loss of hearing.

Loss of Hearing Signs

People who are losing their hearing will usually notice the following signs:

  • Temporary loss of hearing in one ear
  • Temporary loss of hearing in both ears
  • Persistent ringing in one or both ears
  • Muffled sounds
  • Difficulty hearing or comprehending words
  • Needing to turn volume up on electronics
  • Needing to ask people to loudly repeat what they are saying

While many of these signs are general, it is always important that people experiencing these signs seek treatment from an audiologist who can correctly diagnose these symptoms, which may correlate with temporary or permanent deafness.

Need a lawyer for an injury case in Tampa, FL?

Any person who has lost his/her hearing as a result of another person’s negligence may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit under Florida personal injury law. If you are trying to decide whether you qualify, it is wise to discuss your personal injury case with a Tampa personal injury lawyer at our firm. We offer exceptional legal counsel that you can trust during this time of difficulty and recovery. Our attorneys will partner with you to help you achieve your goals for recovering compensation, so call today. If you have questions about a Tampa loss of hearing case, do not hesitate to contact a Tampa injury attorney to schedule your initial consultation!