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Amputation is a very traumatic type of injury that involves the severing or loss of a part of a person’s body. In the U.S., numerous amputation injuries are reported each year. These devastating bodily injuries can occur anywhere, but commonly occur from workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, machinery malfunction, or war.

People who suffer an amputation injury are left permanently disfigured for life. This is especially true in instances where a limb has been amputated. However, many people who have amputation injuries are able to adjust to a new way of living their lives through the use of prosthetics or other reliable medical devices. In some cases, the amputated body part may even be able to be re-attached if the person is able to get immediate medical treatment.

Signs of Traumatic Amputation

People who are experiencing traumatic amputation will usually notice the following signs:

  • a body part (arm, finger, leg, toe, etc.) has been removed, completely cut off, or severed
  • excessive bleeding or hemorrhaging (depending on the area amputated, some areas do not bleed as much as others)
  • excessive pain (depending on the type of amputation, some people go into shock after being amputated and do not remember feeling anything)
  • shock
  • crushed or mangled skin/body tissue

Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa?

According to Florida personal injury law, any person who has been amputated as a result of another person’s negligence may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to collect monetary compensation for their catastrophic injury. Before a person decides to file a personal injury lawsuit involving amputation, it is a wise idea for him/her to consult with a skilled personal injury lawyerwho is experienced in catastrophic injury cases. If you have questions about a Tampa amputation case, do not hesitate tocontact a Tampa injury attorney for your initial consultation!