Under Florida personal injury law, all victims of an accident are entitled to financial compensation if the accident was caused by another person’s negligent or reckless behaviors. However, sometimes it can be difficult to prove who was actually at fault for the accident. A skilled Naples personal injury lawyer will be pivotal in proving fault and winning your case. An experienced and talented attorney will not only ensure that your rights and best interests are protected, they will also prepare and present a convincing argument that proves the other party is negligent, and therefore liable for damages.

If you live in Naples and you have been injured in an accident, a skilled accident lawyer at our firm can help you take legal action. Distasio Law Firm was established to help people like you seek justice under the law. We have a great breadth of knowledge when it comes to Florida personal injury law, and we are ready and willing to use our knowledge and experience to help you. We are devoted to helping our clients file claims for all types of accidents and injuries, including those needed for catastrophic injuries ( spinal cord injuriesbirth injuriesburn injuriesbrain injuries), motor vehicle accidentsmedication errorsworkplace accidentsdefective drugsdefective productsdog biteswrongful deathslip and fallsnegligent security,falling objects, and nursing home neglect.

Were you injured in an accident?

If you looking to hire a Naples accident attorney, then please contact our office right away, and don’t let the fact that we are not located in Naples be of any concern. Thanks to technologies such as the telephone, email, Internet, fax machines, scanners, electronic court filing, etc., we are able to extend our services to people up and down the entire state of Florida. Furthermore, we also have the means to travel to meet you anywhere you like. When hiring an attorney, more than geographic proximity is important when retaining the services of an attorney who has the necessary qualities to make a positive difference in your case. These qualities include:

  • A thorough understanding and deep knowledge of personal injury law
  • A great deal of experience in handling and litigating personal injury cases
  • A willingness to put your needs before anything else
  • A willingness to bring your case to trial if that would serve your best interest
  • The ability to provide superior legal service, regardless of how complex or difficult a case may be

We know you have a lot riding on this case, both financially and emotionally. Our accident attorneys are committed to helping you recover the largest settlement possible so you will not only have money to cover your current and future medical expenses, but also to bring you peace of mind knowing that you have the financial means to take care of yourself both now and in future. For cases of this magnitude, it’s wise to consult an accident lawyer who has experience in handling personal injury cases in Naples. The right attorney can make all the difference between recovering a large settlement or no damages at all. For your free consultation, contact a Naples personal injury attorney at the Distasio Law Firm today!

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