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In the wake of a personal injury accident, it is important to realize that insurance companies are not there to look out for your best interests. They are, first and foremost, a business and are mainly concerned with ensuring that they are making a profit and keeping stockholders happy. It is therefore extremely important that you do not make the mistake of putting your future in their hands. You need to be confident that you have a heavyweight Manatee County personal injury lawyer on your side that is fully able to protect your future and fight to protect your best interests.

If you have recently been hurt by an accident in Manatee County, it might be tempting to limit your searches to a lawyer with offices directly within the county. This would be a mistake. Thanks to the advent of modern technology and the resources associated with it, you do not have to be geographically close to a lawyer for them to properly represent you.

How could an injury lawyer help you?

At the Distasio Law Firm, we are able to help clients who are not in the direct area and we take great pride in our ability to service clients from afar. Although our main officers are located in Tampa, we are deeply knowledgeable in bridging distances with technology. That being said, we work tirelessly to protect your interests, no matter where you are located. We have built a reputation throughout Manatee County, and we have come be relied upon for our comprehensive, creative legal aid.

We are able to help residents in the area with many different personal injury claims, including those involving slip and fall accidentsnegligent securitymotor vehicle accidentsmedication errorsfalling objectsnursing home neglect,, defective drugsworkplace accidentsdog bites, and defective products. We are also prepared to take on cases involving matters ofwrongful death and catastrophic injuries, including brain injuriesbirth injuriesburn injuries, and spinal cord injuries. For legal aid in an injury claim, contact a Manatee County personal injury lawyer from our firm today.

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